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Ceiling Lights
UltraBrightLED Ceiling Light Xeesa
Basic Renovation Ceiling Light

Better WIFI Signal
Make use of the center walkway to broadcast your WIFI signal effectively. Seldom you will switch on the lights there due to walking usage only!
Basic Renovation Ceiling WIFI with Night Light
HDB BTO Flat WIFI problem and solution
You can see that the WIFI signal is well distributed over the hdb flat. Proven WIFI stable when you watch LIVE on facebook, ZOOM, skype or whatsapp call!

Air Ventilation
Enhance your air quality at home. Do not compromise your family health especially Covid-19 times. Keep yourself healthy at home!
Xeesa Ventilation
Xeesa Ventilation Examples

Safety Ladder
Safety Ladder Singapore

Homogeneous Tile Singapore
Price varies and longer lead time due to shortage of workers during covid-19 crisis

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    Demolition Works
    For knocking off walls, tiles, doorframes, windows

    Things to do:

    Tiles Installer
    For Supplying Tiles/Laminated Flooring

    Things to do:

    Electric Works
    For Installing/Dismantling Electric Wiring/Cable, DB and Powerpoint

    Things to do:

    Aircon Installer
    For Installing/Supplier for Aircon System Unit

    Things to do:

    Heater Installer
    For Installing/Supplier for water heaters

    Things to do:

    False Ceiling / Paintworks
    For plastering/paintworks on walls, ceiling, false ceiling

    Things to do:

    Bathroom & Kitchenware Supplier
    For sinks, basins, sanitary, showerhead, taps,toilet bowl and accessories

    Things to do:

    Wardrobe & Kitchen Cabinet Installer
    For bedroom wardrobes, kitchen cabinet, TV console, Display Cabinet

    Things to do:

    Grilles and Windows Installer
    For aluminum grilles, Windows, invisible stainless steel grill

    Things to do:

    Lights and Fan Supplier
    For ceiling/wall fans, ceiling lights, LED

    Things to do:

    Door and Gates Installer
    Installer/Supplier of Wooden/PVC Doors, Aluminum/Stainless Steel/Wrought Iron Gates

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    Renovation Advice
    Demolition / Hacking Walls
    Do you really need demolition / hacking?
    For current new HDB BTOs, most walls are plasterboard walls. It is easier to tear down. These walls usually locate in between Master Bedrooms & Bedrooms, Bedrooms & Living Rooms. Other walls will be hard concrete walls which are near the windows, Kitchen, Bomb Shelter, Bathrooms. All you need to take note is the wiring. Before you tear down, make sure the current is off for the particular area. You need to get HDB approval before doing any hacking or tear down of walls. Usually, it is a bad practice of hacking walls as in the future you may need to do it back if you are selling or returning back to HDB. In BasicReno, we do not advise any hacking of floor tiles, wall as hacking may occur cracks on other parts of the house which may not be visible to the owner.

    Flooring / Tiling
    How do you choose on your flooring?
    When you choose flooring, do take note of what is your needs. Example
  • Any Elderly or Baby in the house?
  • Sunlight Brightness of the house?
  • Do you want to stay for 5 years or lifelong in the house

  • If you have elderly or baby, try to have less slippery tiles such as ceramic or wood grain ceramic tiles as they are less slippery during wet times
    If your house is dark due to low floors, take those bright/light color tiles. It will make your house brighter, hence it will feel lively
    If you are not going to sty more than 5 years, you may look for those cheaper option such as rubber tiling, verneer laminated flooring. These floor may have side effects due to our climate is damp. Hence, there might be ants / flies or termites leaving in it
    For BasicReno view, go for the durable tiles such as Ceramic, Porcelain/Homogenous 60cm x 60cm size tiles for common usage. You might change your mind after 5 years keeping the flat for lifetime instead of selling

    False Ceiling / Painting
    How do you choose on your painting?
    Usually, people will have different colors for different rooms. It is ok to have different colors due to boys(blue), gals(Pink). For new family, usually no kids at first. So they might plan for 1 for gal 1 for boy. But after 2 births, they have 2 gals or 2 boys. Hence they need to repaint the room again. So it might be a double job on this. Hope it will be heng heng to have 1 boy and 1 gal for the 2 births in the future.
    In BasicReno, our recommendation is paint all rooms in a neutral color like beige, cyan, light purple.

    For living room, it will depend on your brightness of the house. Usually, it is painted white for most people and it is recommended due to neutral color

    For the TV wall, it is recommended to paint a darker color like brown, blue, orange, purple which can contrast this wall to let you focus well on the TV instead

    Kitchen Cabinet / Bedroom Wardrobe
    How do you choose on your carpentery / Kitchen Cabinet / Bedroom Wardrobe?
    Most of us will have double row of kitchen cabinet in the kitchen which may have around 15-20ft long of kitchen cabinet. As our new BTO kitchen is small, to have 2 rows of kitchen cabinet is abit cram. Nowadays, most kitchen top use acrylic tabletop instead of those laminated wooden tabletop. Quartz is good but expensive but very lasting. Those who cook everyday should use Quartz. In BasicReno, we would recommend only 1 side top and bottom cabinet with acrylic solid tabletop, the other side will be for fridge and a small 45cm width tabletop along the wall to put things or quick bite there or even you can put your small table there instead.

    For Bedroom Wardrobe, most people will do it for all rooms. This is a mistake that most people will do. For new family or with newborn baby, they are very sensitive in position in the bedroom while sleeping. You might need to change position of the bed all around the rooms. With fix wardrobe, you have limitation in the bedroom as the new BTO bedroom is small. Hence, BasicReno recommend only do Wardrobe in MasterBedroom only. Avoid installing build in warddrobe along the aircon service duct. Due to aircon water flow and cooling coil, condensation will occur. It will damage your wardrobe and clothes may have molds due to the moist. We are sure you will not want your Armani, Zara leather jacket or bags to have mold on it

    For TV console, it is recommend to have it. Not more than 6 foot width. TV console main job is to hide the ugly cables and make the TV surround nicer. Try not to have TV console cabinet(bottom) not more than 45cm depth as the deeper the depth will make your living room smaller.

    For door shelf(Ping Feng) which is a privacy shield for any neighbours to peep into your living room to see what you are doing. It is optional to do so if you do not believe in Geomancy or your unit is at the last unit. Usually Door Shelf have 2 components, 1 for storings shoes below, the top shelf is to display your childhoods toys, Martell or Hello Kitty toys(example only).

    Courtyard Windows and Grilles
    Do you need Window Grilles and Courtyard Windows?
    Yes, we strongly encourage all homes are install with Window Grilles and Courtyard Windows. Although we may not have pets, small kids or children, but we have festive days children will come to our house. It will be good and safe to install windows grilles at home. If you do not have people coming to your house during Hari Raya, CNY, Xmas or Deepavali. Do a self reflection and see whether your home is safe for them to come. In BasicReno, we encourage those normal Aluminum Horizon Grilles and Sliding Aluminum Courtyard Windows to be installed which can keep your home safe and less dirt for your kitchen

    Aircon Systems
    Which Aircon System you need to choose?
    Invertor or non-Invertor? We will choose invertor due to we often switch on at night due to Singapore Hot and Humid weather. Singapore night temperature is around 29-31 degree celsius. At night it will not be as windy as in the daytime. Usually, Mitsubishi is the common ones. There are other brands like Europace, Midea, Panasonic and the Daikin with smart control. Not to worry on the smart control, BasicReno have a universal control for all types of aircon to switch on aircon when you are at home or outside even you are in overseas. In BasicReno, we recommend any aircon brands invertor aircon to be install for all bedrooms.

    Water Heater
    Which water heater type you need to choose?
    Electric or gas? We would definitely go for electric but not the storage 20L type due to the high price of electricity. Instance heater type is the best to go such as Red Ring, 707 and etc. Gas is somehow abit dangerous as we are living there for more than 10years down the road. For gas cooker, we can change the stove head after 5 years. For water heater, we might need to change the parts too if the hose/head start to leak gas.

    Lights and Fans
    What type of lights and fan you need to install?
    Nowadays the world is phasing out fluoroscene light and standardise LED as a standard for lights. LED Panel lights or LED 27 Bulb lights? Normally people will go for looks and go for LED Panel Ceiling lights which outside is selling. It is good for the next 3-5 years. LED can last for around 50,000 hours.But after that, it will be a chore when changing. You may need screwdriver and unscrew the panel and unplug the adapter from the main supply. If the LED is change, but still the light cannot be on. It will be the driver which may cost $15-$20 to change. Usually for god sake, people will change the whole LED ceiling light. It would be good to have ceiling lights which can have E27 LED bulbs. When spoilt, just unscrew the bulb down and screw up the new bulb. More convenience for elderly. If the elderly is too old to change. We have wall lights which can beam up the ceiling to cause the room bright. In BasicReno, for young family will install the normal LED Ceiling Panel lights. For those in the 50s age, we would recommend the E27 LED ceiling lights. For those in the 60s, 70s living in studio apartment, it will be best to have wall light beaming to the ceiling. Easier to change as they do not need to climb ladder due to their old age.

    Energy Saving Home Features
    How to make my home more energy saving?
    It can be done by a few ways
  • Use LED bulbs/Ceiling Lights
  • Use Sensor Bulbs for common corridor and courtyard area(Available in
  • Use Sensor Fan for Living room area(Available in
  • Use Smart Timer Plug for charging equipment to avoid overcharging which waste electricity(Available in
  • Use Auto Night LED Light around the house instead of normal table lamps(Available in
  • Use Water Saving Shower/Basin Tap Adapter/head
  • In BasicReno, we emphasize on EcoFriendly, EarthSaving and Environment friendly Homes. It is recommend to have these features which help you to save energy cost

    Smart Home Features
    How do smart home features help you?
    Have you ever wonder one day you are on the way home and open your home door feeling hot or humid? Will it be good to have some aircon when you step into the house? The answer is definitely yes. Everybody likes comfort and cooling home. Hence now only some aircon like Daikin offering smart app to switch on the aircon when you are outside or at home.

    We have a smarthome remote device which can sync your aircon remote and do the same for other aircon brands, even for Fans with remote. Hence you will not restrict to a certain brand of aircon for smarthome use. So you can remotely switch on your home aircon and some lights 15mins before you reach home. So you will have a cooling and light up home to welcome you back

    We also have another smarthome remote switch to switch on powerpoint such as fan, lights, kettle. This is useful if you are at overseas tour for a long time. You can switch on the lights while you are overseas. This can prevent burglar breaking into your home.

    SmartCam with Phone App is the way to go as we have alot of online buying with late or never reach deliveries but the courier or seller claims that they have deliver. It will be good to have a webcam in between the metal gate and the wooden main door. Any movement near your door will be recorded and viewable on your smartphone. It is good to have if you have issues with courier or neighbour and need prove for it.

    In BasicReno, we encourage all new homes should have smarthome features such as SmartCam, SmartRemote for convenience and comfort sake which is selling them and setting up at a low price.

    About BasicReno
    BasicReno is an online self-service platform for New HDB/Condominum/Shop Owners to get their place renovated.
    BasicReno helps on
  • Renovating for HDB BTO at low price
  • Free quotation online and suggestion
  • Promoting Smart Home at lower price
  • Promoting Safer home for elders living
  • Renovating with a group of trusted material suppliers, contractors and installers
  • No Minimum price on quotation

  • Showroom Location: 11 Sin Ming Rd #B3-09 Unit 7, Thomson V Two.
    Map: View Google Map
    Opening hours: 8am - 8pm Daily including Public Holidays.

    How to get there?
    Bus : 52, 130,132, 162, 163, 165, 166, 167, 410, 855, 980
    MRT Station : Upper Thomson MRT Stn(Exit 3 @ Jln Keli. Walk 2 mins along Upp Thomson Rd Shophouses[Passing Crispy Prata Shop]. Cross Jalan Todak and turn left, you will see Thomson V Two Condo & Shops)
    Drive :
    From West : PIE-> Lornie Rd -> Upp Thomson Rd -> Sin Ming Rd
    From East : Bartley Rd -> Bradell Rd -> Upp Thomson Rd -> Sin Ming Rd
    From South East : PIE -> Thomson Rd -> Upp Thomson Rd -> Sin Ming Rd
    From South : CTE -> Braddell Rd -> Upp Thomson Rd -> Sin Ming Rd
    From North : SLE -> Upp Thomson Rd -> Sin Ming Rd
    From NorthEast : CTE -> Braddell Rd -> Upp Thomson Rd -> Sin Ming Rd
    Basement Parking : Thomson V2 @ $1.50 per hour from 6am-6pm, $3.80 per entry from 6pm-12mn, $10 per entry from 12mn-6am Daily (Max Height: 2.1M). Grace Period Free Parking for 10 mins. Alternative parking will be at HDB or Private Estate Parking Opposite Thomson V Two.

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